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If you have questions like these:

  • raiza-cropped“We want to increase our customer/client/applicant/student base to include more culturally diverse people. How do we do that?”
  • “We want everyone to feel at home here. We think we’re pretty welcoming of everyone, but recently I’ve heard people say otherwise. How do we make sure we’re a place everyone wants to be?”
  • “There’s a misunderstanding in our organization between people of two different cultures. I’m not sure how to handle it. What do I do?”
  • “We hired an immigrant, but she’s not really fitting in. What can we do to support her?”
  • “We want to promote culturally diverse people within our organization into positions of leadership, but no one’s applying. What’s going on?”
  • “We want make sure our culturally diverse teams run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. How do we do that?”
  • “We want to increase our cultural competency so we can serve diverse populations more effectively. What’s the best way to do that?”

Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants

has the answers and strategies to help.

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Our Clients Include

  • City of South Portland
  • MECASA (Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault)
  • Green Clean Maine
  • H.A. Mapes
  • CIEE (Council on International Exchange)
  • Healthy Androscoggin REACH Grant Partners
    • Bedard Pharmacy
    • Central Maine Medical Center
    • St. Mary’s Hospital
    • United Ambulance
    • YWCA
    • Seniors Plus
    • B Street Clinic
  • Auburn Medical Associates
  • University of Southern Maine

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Keynotes Delivered

  • Association of Consulting Expertise (2016)
  • Renaissance Executive Forums (2016)
  • Human Resources Association of Southern Maine (2015)
  • Northern New England College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (2015)

Workshops/Conference Presentations

  • Portland Public Schools (2015, 2016)
  • Maine Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Annual Conference (2015, 2016)
  • MaineBiz U at Mainebiz Momentum Convention (2015)
  • Maine Adult Education Annual Conference (2015)
  • Maine Association of Mediators (2016)
  • Diversity Hiring Coalition of Maine Annual Retreat (2015, 2016)
  • New World of Behavioral Health Conference: Serving New Mainers (2016)


How can we engage with new Mainers?

Featuring Liz Greason, Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants co-owner, in Mainebiz.

"Q: I understand that Maine is getting more culturally diverse. How can we engage with these new Mainers?

ACE advises: You're absolutely right. According to the American Community Survey, all of Portland's population growth since 2000 has been due to an increase in multicultural people. If we had left it up to Mainers who look like me, we'd be down by 3,000 people!

The future will definitely be more of the same, so you absolutely need to engage with this increasing cultural diversity." Read more...



"For Maine’s economy to grow, it doesn’t just need more immigrants. It needs a welcoming attitude."

By Liz Greason, Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants co-owner, in the Bangor Daily News

"The numbers are in. Maine is losing people faster than it can attract them. Politicians, business leaders and economists, who may agree on nothing else, agree on this. What they also agree on? If some sort of innovation doesn’t happen soon, Maine is poised for ugly economic times.

There are great suggestions out there for how to grow, many of which were mentioned in BDN Maine’s #TheEconomyProject. Some would require economic investment, others a shifting in mindset."

Here’s the problem, though. Many Mainers don’t want to change. Read more...

Maine Fact Book

Featuring Liz Greason, Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants co-owner, on page 67.

"Companies are looking for an edge up. Building their cultural competency is one way that they're getting that. Because whether people are moving here from New York, New Guinea, or New Zealand, they're coming from different cultures." Read more...

Immigrants key 'to what Maine needs to solve its demographic challenges'

Featuring Liz Greason, Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants co-owner, and Reza Jalali, Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants Content Area Expert, in Mainebiz.

Photo by Tim Greenway"Can New Mainers make up the deficit and keep the state viable going forward? "I think they've already done that," says Reza Jalali, coordinator of multicultural student affairs at the University of Southern Maine in Portland. "Lisbon Street in downtown Lewiston was dead a few years ago. Once the Somalis arrived, they started stores and then families moved into apartments that used to be empty, which attracted investors to buy and rehab more buildings, which meant jobs for local carpenters. And so it goes." Read more...

Reflections: During Ramadan, a prayer that we live together peacefully

By Reza Jalali, Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants Content Area Expert, in Portland Press Herald.

"I recall the Ramadan of my childhood in Iran, in a faraway city, lost to a war that few remember now. There was a sense of exhilaration: Most adults were up, for the work hours during the Holy Month of Ramadan would be flexible, the elders would recite verses from the Qur’an, for the tradition called for the Holy Book to be read, sura by sura, chapter by chapter, throughout the month. No leftovers, for dishes special to Ramadan were made for the family." Read more...

The stories of these 8 Mainers highlight the long history of immigration to the state

Featuring Reza Jalali, Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants Content Area Expert, in Bangor Daily News.

"From the floor of Congress to the sidewalks of Congress Street, immigration issues have been debated a lot in recent years. But in Maine, like America as a whole, it’s nothing new. People “from away” have been joining the native Wabanakis here for at least 400 years." Read more...

Scholar: Maine's Muslim History Goes Way Deeper Than Somali Refugees

Featuring Reza Jalali, Maine Intercultural Communication Consultants Content Area Expert, on Maine Public Radio.

"In an interview on the CBS news program “60 Minutes,” Donald Trump says he would order what he calls “extreme vetting” of Muslims from territories with a history of terrorist activity. This is the first in a series of profiles of Muslims who have made Maine their home. Reza Jalali would like to dispel at least one major myth about Muslims in the U.S. — that they are new to the country." Read more...